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Ex. 2, page 27

Read the text, look at the picture, find and match. 

       Every second month people of our neighbourhood gather together for some parties.

       Today all the children of our neighbourhood gathered for the costume party.

They are wearing nice costumes today. Sisters Linda and Joe came as butterflies.

They are running around the flowerbeds in the garden.

Peter is wearing a costume of a Batman. He is swinging in the yard behind the house.

Brothers Sam and Bob Smiths are tigers today. Look, they are playing hide-and-seek.

Sam is between the fence and the dog`s house and Bob is in front of the garage.

He is looking for his brother. I can see them all, but they can`t see me. Can you see me?

 Ex. 3, page 27

Answer the questions according to the text above.

 Ex. 4, page 27

Ask and answer.

 Дополнительные лексико-грамматические упражнения:

 Упр.1. Заполни пропуски нужной формой глагола to be в прошедшем времени.

1.     They … here yesterday.

2.     He … at the cinema yesterday.

3.     We … in New –York last summer.

4.     They … in the country last week.

5.     Peter … at school at ten o’clock in the morning.

6.     Nick’s parents … at home on Sunday.

7.     They … in London in 1999.

8.     It … many years ago.

9.     … you here last year?

10.      I … at the theatre last month.

Упр.2. Замени подлежащее на данные в скобках,

помни и об остальных членах предложениях.

1.     I am reading now. (she)

2.     He is standing at the blackboard. (you)

3.     We are walking in the park now. (he)

4.     Nick is playing leapfrog now. (I)

5.     Mary is playing the piano now.(you)

6.     We are sitting at the table now.(she)

7.     They are playing football now. (Peter)

8.     I am eating now. (you)

9.     He is swimming now. (we)

10.      He is speaking English now. (they)

Упр.3. Задай вопросы к выделенным словам.

1.     Nick is opening the window now.

2.     You are going to the park.

3.     They are playing with their friends now.

4.     Peter is standing at the door now.

5.     Mary is cleaning her teeth now.

6.     We are writing new words.

7.     They are working in the hospital now.

Упр.4. Измени предложения по образцу.

              Образец: He reads every day. (now)

                                He is reading now.

1.     Peter swims in the river every summer. (now)

2.     They play football every day. (now)

3.     He does his homework in the evening. (now)

4.     We go to London every year. (tomorrow)

5.     We go to the Zoo every week. (Now)

6.     He usually speaks English. (now)

7.     The child is playing with a toy now. (every day)

Упр.5. Какое сказуемое выбрать?

1.     Ben often (visits, is visiting) his friend.

2.     Max (visits, is visiting) him now.

3.     The birds (sing, are singing) in the garden now.

4.     The birds always (sing, are singing) in the garden in summer.

5.     The children (play are playing) now.

6.     They often (play are playing) there.

7.     The children (sit, are sitting) on the grass now.

8.     They (look, are looking) at the sky now.

9.     Some birds (fly, are flying) now.

Упр.6. Заполни пропуски глаголами в прошедшем времени. 

1.     I … this tale two days ago. (to read)

2.     He … the toy last week. (to buy)

3.     Peter … a bad mark yesterday. (to get)

4.     The child … a new toy. (to want)

5.     I … there some days ago. (to go)

6.     Mary … in America three years ago. (to live)

7.     My parents … a house last month. (to buy)

8.     Nick … me a book yesterday. (to give)

9.     She … my cup yesterday. (to brake)

10.      He … us on Monday. (to see)

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